Helix-IX AS211738

Internet Exchange (IX) or Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is a physical infrastructure which lets Internet service providers (ISPs), content delivery


What is an IX route server?

An Internet Exchange (IX) route server makes it easy for networks to manage their peering arrangements and for new peers to start exchanging traffic at an IX.

How does an IX route server work?

An IX route server aggregates BGP sessions acting as a central hub for networks to exchange routes. The actual traffic is still exchanged directly between the networks’ routers but using the route server makes it much easier and quicker to establish peering connections with other peers at the same IX.

How do you connect to an IX route server?

You need to supply the IX with some details (e.g. IP address of the peering LAN, your AS Number, technical contact info) and to configure your router to connect to the route server.

Who uses an IX route server?

Many networks peering at an IX use the Route Server. It is particularly useful for networks with an open peering policy, for networks that want to establish connections with many peers and for networks new to an IX.